Quick Easy Vegan Recipes

1.Awesome Veggie Burgers



Everyone has heard the stories about bad veggie burgers – they don’t taste good, they fall apart, they shouldn’t even be called burgers, etc. Well, I have experienced some of those nightmare veggie burgers myself and that’s why it’s essential to learn how to make not just a good veggie burger but an awesome veggie burger. See Recipe Details.

2.Peanut-Squash Stew



Ladle this rich stew on top of rice and sprinkle with chopped roasted peanuts. See recipe details

3.Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili With Avocado



Fall is in the air, as they say. The green leaves are just beginning to acknowledge the change in seasons along their peripheries; my nose is following suit with incessant sneezes. It’s that wonderfully awkward transitional time when I’m never sure what to wear: shorts now, or a sweater for later? And what do I cook: the last of the tomatoes, or sweet potatoes? We’ll be bundled up in scarves, carving pumpkins and crafting Halloween costumes before we know it. I can’t wait. See recipe details

4.Poblano And Portobello Fajitas


For a brief period of my childhood my family lived in New Mexico, and you better believe while there we ate our fair share of Mexican food. I was floating down a river of authentic refried beans and slow-cooked carnitas and garden fresh salsas and loving it. My little palette was in foodie heaven and I hardly even realized it.  Those were the days. See recipe details

5.Vegan Philly Cheese Sandwich

philly-cheese-sandwich-vegan 19_edited-1


Bold red bell peppers sizzle in a hot skillet with thinly sliced sweet onions, chilies, black pepper and spices. Toss in some vegan seitan strips and melt in some savory vegan cheddar cheese. Toast a fluffy, fresh hoagie roll and pile in the Philly Cheese filling. Accents of fresh green cilantro on top, a few juicy tomato slices too. Your Vegan philly Cheese Sandwich is served. Crave this. See recipe details


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